The Intern Ready Pilot Program is an immersive program – first of its kind, nationally – that aims to teach high school students crucial skills that will catapult them ahead of their peers and position them uniquely for internships with businesses.

The Intern Ready Pilot Program is offered by Flagler County Education Foundation, and it’s modeled after Office Divvy’s own Internship program, which has been in place for more than five years.

Office Divvy intern alumni are an impressive bunch. They credit their internship with exposure, and business experiences that they would not have otherwise had.

What they have learned about the digital space, business, and being relied on as a team member will stay with them no matter what field they choose to pursue in the future. Many have gone on to do extraordinary things after their internship experience: pursuing college and higher education, cultivating their very own businesses, and landing amazing opportunities like attending Google’s summer institute.

The Flagler County Education Foundation asked Office Divvy to extend this program to the school district, and we are doing just that. This level of private/public partnership is unique, and sure to receive positive state and national attention. This Intern Ready Pilot Program is a part of the Classroom to Careers, an initiative aimed to offer opportunities for students to discover paths that lead them from classroom to career success.

We’re preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist, for a workforce that we don’t know what it is, to solve problems that we don’t know what they involve yet. Superintendent Jacob Oliva

Through the Intern Ready Pilot Program, students will learn Agile and Lean business concepts and frameworks as well as real-life expectations delivered through workshops, videos, and online tools unlike anything we’ve seen before. In addition to building up our students, businesses are also exposed to tools and resources that will position them for greater outcomes when working with a summer intern(s), who are ready to start contributing to their business Day 1. Our future interns will understand what it means to be digital citizens, how to manage tasks and workflow, the importance of collaborative tools, and above all – what it means to be Intern Ready.

Deadline to Apply:
You are a Flagler County High School Student in 9th through 11th Grade (Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior). If you’re interested in participating in the Intern Ready Pilot Program, the deadline to apply is March 31, 2017.


Step 1:
Download this Parental Permission Form. Print it out and have your parent or guardian fill it out and sign. Once filled out, scan or take a picture of the completed letter as you will need to attach it to the end of the application below.


Step 2:
Fill out all the required information in the student application form below and attach the completed permission letter to the end of the form.

  • You are a high school student in Flagler County.
  • Before submitting your application, you will be required to submit a Parental Permission Form.
  • You are applying for selection into the Intern Ready Pilot Program.

If you are selected, you will commit to attend the following:

  • Saturday 4/01 | 8:30am – 1:00pm | Super Saturday 1 | Already Conducted
  • Saturday 4/08 | 8:30am – 1:00pm | Super Saturday 2
  • Saturday 4/15 | 8:30am – 1:00pm | Super Saturday 3
  • Saturday 4/22 | 8:30am – 1:00pm | Super Saturday 4
  • Saturday 6/03 | 4:00pm – 6:00pm | Graduation & Networking Event
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